Bhagyalakshmi Scheme: Empowering Women and Ensuring Financial Security


The Bhagyalakshmi Scheme stands out as a shining example of promoting financial security and well-being among women in India. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the various aspects of the Karnataka Bhagyalakshmi Scheme, from its objectives and benefits to its eligibility criteria and application process.

Understanding the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme

What is the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme?

The Bhagyalakshmi Scheme is a government-sponsored initiative in the Indian state of Karnataka. It was launched with the primary aim of empowering women and promoting their welfare by providing financial assistance to families with girl children. This scheme acts as a safety net, ensuring the girl child’s financial security from birth until she completes her education.

Objectives of the Scheme

The key objectives of the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme are as follows:

  1. Ensuring Girl Children’s Welfare: The primary goal is to safeguard the future of girl children in the state, emphasizing their education and well-being.
  2. Promoting Gender Equality: The scheme aims to address gender disparities by providing financial assistance to families with girl children.
  3. Reducing Child Marriage: By incentivizing families to educate and support their girl children, the scheme contributes to reducing child marriages.
  4. Financial Security: It offers financial security to girls by creating a corpus for their future.

Bhagyalakshmi scheme


Eligibility Criteria

Who is eligible for the Bhagyalakshmi scheme in Karnataka??

To benefit from the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme, families need to meet certain eligibility criteria:

  1. Residence: The family should be a resident of Karnataka state.
  2. Income Limit: The Bhagyalakshmi scheme provides benefits to households living below the poverty line (BPL) with up to two female children.
  3. Eligibility Limit: Girls who are born after 31 March 2006 are eligible for this scheme
  4. Documentation: Families need to provide the necessary documentation to prove their eligibility.
  5.  Birth Information: The registration of a girl’s birth must be completed within one year after her birth date.


Benefits of the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme for Girl Child

  • Healthcare: Every girl living below the poverty line would be eligible to receive an annual health insurance benefit of up to Rs. 25,000.
  • Education Benefits: As the girl child progresses in her education, she receives additional financial incentives at various stages, encouraging her to pursue higher studies.Girls receive an annual scholarship ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1,000 up to the tenth standard. Here’s a concise breakdown of the benefits of this Scheme:
    • 1st to 3rd grade: Rs. 300 per class per year.
    • 4th grade: Rs. 500 per year.
    • 5th grade: Rs. 600 per year.
    • 6th to 7th grades: Rs. 700 per year.
    • 8th grade: Rs. 800 per year per class.
    • 9th to 10th grades: Rs. 1,000 per year per class.
  • Incentives for Families: Parents receive Rs. 1 lakh in the event of an accident and Rs. 42,500 in case of the beneficiary’s natural death. After 18 years, the beneficiary will receive a sum of Rs. 34,751.”


How to Apply for the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme?

The application process for the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Nearest Anganwadi Center: Families can visit the nearest Anganwadi center or Gram Panchayat office to collect the application form.
  2. Complete the Form: Fill out the application form with accurate details and attach the required documents.
  3. Submit the Application: Submit the completed application form to the Anganwadi Center.
  4. Verification: The authorities will verify the application and eligibility criteria.
  5. Benefit Disbursement: Once verified, the financial benefits will be disbursed to the eligible families.

Necessary Documents for the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme

  • Child’s Birth Certificate.
  • BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card.
  • Personal Bank details of the Girl Child.
  • Joint Photograph of Parents and Child.
  • Marriage Certificate or Self Declaration.
  • When registering a second child under the scheme, it is necessary to submit a Family Planning certificate in addition to all the above documents.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme limited to a specific income group of families?
    • No, the scheme is open to families with girl children from various income groups, with income limits set by the government.
  • What documents are required for applying to the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme?
    • Families need to provide documents such as birth certificates, income certificates, and residence proof.
  • Can families apply for the scheme after the birth of their girl child, or is it only applicable at the time of birth?
    • Families can apply for the scheme after the birth of their girl child, and they will receive benefits accordingly.
  • Is the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme applicable only in rural areas, or can urban families also avail of its benefits?
    • The scheme is applicable to families residing in both rural and urban areas of Karnataka.
  • How does the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme contribute to reducing child marriage?
    • By providing financial incentives for the girl child’s education, the scheme encourages families to prioritize education over early marriage, thereby reducing child marriages.

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